Monday, 22 February 2010

My Mickey-Monster

:):) i just got told today i can offically part loan Mickey, a little pony/horse in my mates barn.
how cute is he?!

lol he is just gorgous, have already tried him and rode him.
hes perfect in a stable aswell
he seems like a school pony, but has little bad habits bless
but either way, hes lovely :)
what do yous all think of my Mickey-Monster? xx
p.s! what album do you want next? All Time Low - Nothing Personal or LostProphets - The Betrayed?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Blackout - The Best In Town

I might just review this album from the smexy Welsh emo rockers The Blackout :)
So quick overview on The Blackout.

(L-R - Rhys - James - Gareth - Sean - Matthew - Gavin)

Vocals - Gavin Bulter and Sean Smith

Guitars - Matthew Davies and James "Bob" Davies

Bass - Rhy Lewis

Drums - Gareth Lawrence

The Album - The Best In Town

Track Listing:
1. ShutTheFuckUppercut
3. Top Of The World
4. The Fire
6. Said and Done
7. Silent (When We Speak)
8. I Love Myself and I Wanna Live
10. We're Going To Hell... So Bring The Sunblock

The few songs that come to my attention mostly on the album are Save Our Selves, Top Of The World and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.
It's difficult to explain about this song. It seems to reflect that the person doesn't have an idea about whats going on, so it won't turn round right. The drums and bass provide a fast paced rhythm while the guitar's harmonise and make the whole peace feel at peace. Sean does also do his sections of scream singing too. It also mentions that the person cannot, in a sense, defeat whoever their competing against (You can't bring us down / we're the best in town).
Song raiting 7/10
Save Our Selves
I don't really know why, possibly because the chorus (This is the Blackout/ and you'll find out / that we'll come and take / everything you love away / the blackout, coming to your town / we'll never run away / so stand and fight another day) is, in my opinion, on about a RELATIONSHIP coming to an end. The guitars, bass and drums seem to match together to form a lovely sound and Sean's occational scream sing seems to represent the stress of the whole situation.
Song's Rating - 9/10
Top Of The World
Yet again, about a relationship that seems to have gone wrong. Possibly between two males, (You said / Said that you'd be the girl / To stop me fooling around) and how no matter whats happened between them, or how serious, they want the other to forget about it and stay away, even apologise for whats happened and how the other/self has changed and maybe the lack of communication throughout the whole period of them. Like the other two, all instruments seem to be in harmonise, but no scream singing.
Boo-Hoo. Song Rating 8/10
The Fire
The opening appears to have a rather feirce lead riff from the lead guitar which could indicate a very forceful song full of anger. The lyrics suggest the person hates another and wishes that they could be a fire. Mentioning the other hates them and that they wish the heat could overtake. Rather powerful lyrics too (You will never be me / We watch the flames / Take over our lives). The instruments seem in harmony until there isn't any vocals to appear to calm them. Scream singing in this song too. Very good solo.
Song Rating 6/10
Children Of The Night
Having a child repeating the title of the song seems like a pretty smart idea if you want to make an impact. It seems to say that they prefer the night, as it seems thats when everything is near enough at peace. (This isn't love / This is war / This is the night we swore that we would call our own / We are the children of the night) In it's own way, it's near enough sinister. The guitars provide a aggressive feel, as do the bass and drums. Definitely scream sing. This song nearly put me off the whole band believe it or not. Didn't like it when i heard it.
Song Rating 7.5/10
Said and Done
This is possibly about a fued, and now be careful about what you say. We don't find out until later that the person told them they wanted them dead. (When everything is said and done / we won't be here tomorrow / you made your bed / sleep tight my dear / i hated you for sorrow) The instruments just give off a sense of relaxion and slight tension. No scream sing.
Song Rating 8/10
Silent (When We Speak)
It's like the song writer has finally sat back and realised they're actually upset about the breakup of some sort and wish them to stay and reconsider and hope they'll stay by their side, and all he hears when their meant to be talking is silence. (We're Silent when we speak / The silence is killing me) This is pretty much the only slow ballad like song on the album.
Song Rating 8.5/10
I Love Myself and I Wanna Live
Is actually a parody to the Nirvana song "I Hate Myself And Wanna Die". It's a slightly fast paced punkish style song and it's about how they can't actually imagine themselves without the other, and feel like they actually might die, and now they actually do love themselves. (Those were the days / He's gone and blown them away / I love myself and i wanna live). If i didnt bold it up there, this is actually an interesting song that's quite an enjoyable listen. Scream singing involved.
Song Rating 8/10
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
It's such a typical "TRUE!" No matter how much you get hurt or hurt yourself over yourself, you ALWAYS end up begging for more right at the end! It turns out this woman made up this man who actually turned out real, so she realised she was hurting herself over him. He also says she was that beautiful, she's his rose and thorn. He also considers himself imperfect as he won't actually be here. (I don't care what your thinking / I don't care what your saying / When everything is gone / You'll still be begging for more) The instruments get along so well, it is a typical commercial song against all their songs. Which seems bizzare cause its like a commercial Emo Screamo! BEST YET! Scream singing is a deffo, but it's more background faded.
Song Rating 10/10!
We're Going To Hell... So Bring The Sunblock
Opening riff is so basic but aggressive filled, it generally sounds like an aggressive song, it's mostly scream sing really. It appears the person is just turning around and saying "FUCK YOOOU!" and realises they seemed to flee just in time, that their town was actually under attack. (Never see you again / This is the day of the dead, come and take my hand / I don't believe that this has happened) Yes it is another song I will listen to if it comes on, but I wouldn't deliberately search and find it.
Song Rating 7.5/10
I were listening to this album. But it's been turned off now so meh. xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

LostProphets - Act One SEEN ONE! (Y)

Alreet... as many of you don't know, my single self decided to be a right prick and book a gig for valentines day... for two people... a month after I got broken up with... SMOOOOOOTH!
But hey, it wern't all tears :)

Me and my amigo Steph (photo below) had a right blast at LostProphets!! :):):)
BTW - I'm the red haired one :P

Right, here we gooooo on details!:)

Headliner - LostProphets! (SHEEP SHAGGERS! :D)
Supporting Act(s) - Kids In Glass Houses, We Are The Ocean
Venue - O2 Academy (Leeds) Ticket Price - £22
Doors Open - 19:00 (we got in roughly quater past, and we were near enough round the block! FUCK o2 PRIORITY! WE COULDN'T FIND IT!)


We Are The Ocean

Screamo/Emo/Rock (hey thats my honest opinion)

I think our view was pretty good, don't you agree? :)

Anywhooo, I actually didn't know these were playing, if you want the truth, I've never really heard about them, but I will definitely be buying their album! Steph didn't really like them, but yet again, she's more GaGa then Blackout :)

PLUS THEY HAD COOL MERCH! So their band rating - 6/10


Kids In Glass Houses

Pop/Punk/Rock (yet again, another opinion I half turned off)

These guys barely did anything for me. Plus I only actually knew one song - (GIMMIE WHAT I WANT GIMMIE WHAT I WANNNNNT :) )

But meh, their merch didn't strike me, but they DID try to open up the crowd, and even mentioned a Love Heart :D ... do I mark them down for the Valentines day reference... NOPE! - 7/10




Screamo/Emo/Rock (hey if you wanna disprove me, listen to The Betrayed! it was that tour of course)

Well, logically, they started with If It Wasn't For Hate We'd Be Dead By Now then burst into Dstryr Dstryr :) man the place kinda blew. Steph got right at the front from all the pushing but came back to find me.

They then covered The Prodigy - Omen... yeahh... cause their normal?

We had the delights of hearing Can't Catch Tomorrow, Town Called Hyprocrisy, Last Summer, Last Train Home, Rooftops and a old song, I dunno which, everyone was shouting for Godzilla or Shinobi.

Oh, then Jamie and Ian split the crowd, and Jamie's side (which I was in :) ) were louder than Ian's side and re-enforcements (THE BALCONY AND SIDES?! WTF?!) So we all kinda started shouting "WHO ARE YA!" to Ian... surprised he didnt say "Watkins".

Great gig, four-five people away from the front, even-eight people away from the middle, three forward from the moshpit... hmm...

Got a poster and jacket from merch. - 9/10

Injuries - I'm actually limping today, knee problem and it actually hurts to straighten my whole right leg... but ohhh well :D

Lostages - a half empty bottle of coke and the cover for my camera, two shagbands (threw AT the stage like) and Steph afew times :)

BTW did anyone else know that bottles are BANNED at the O2 Academys!?

Rachiee Is Listening To - Where We Belong - LostProphets

P.S - anyone else notice that Ian Watkins (WELSH!) sings about "Follow Sheep Around" hmm... are they telling us something? (welsh - sheep shaggers? i thought it was an amusing joke personally)

A Light That Shines Twice As Bright - Encore :)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Opinions - Movies

I'm gunna try this thing... we're I put what my favourite thing is (e.g. Music - bands, solo artists, singles, lives, music vid etc.) and I'm going to start with MOVIES! :)

So my favorite:

Director - Tim Burton
Composer - Danny Elfman
Actor - Ashton Kutcher/Jim Carrey
Actress - Helena Bonham-Carter/Reese Witherspoon
Psychological Movies - The Butterfly Effect
Cartoon - any Lion Kings
Animations - Nightmare Before Christmas
Budget Film - Cruel Intentions
Animal - Babe
Horror - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 film)
Musicals - The King and I
Overall Characters:
First - Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe)
Second - Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher)
Third - Emily, the Corpse Bride (Helena Bonham Carter)

If you have any questions about any of the above, just comment and ask.
I think this is a welly mint idea :) haha x

am sat watching beetlejuice, no song this time sorry
but if you want one, try Top Of The World - The Blackout