Sunday, 30 August 2009

ohhh nooo...

hmmmm, meeting new people
one thing i fear from time to time
but yet... i never met someone who instantly made me laugh,
made me feel good about myself
tell me to forget about people who hate me
who made me feel so relaxed and happy
dudes... whats up with me?
luckily, he goes to my college :)
and hes like 2 years older than me :)
and offfft he dont half look nice hahaha

hmmm... what should i do? :(

p.s. ... QI hahaha :D

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


it was rather good tbh
i went to the zoo,
then to see grease
and i swear, they didnt even handjive!
but ray quinn was rather nice lol

ahh well,
if anyone has a question bout london, just ask

remember my vans from the other post?
im covered in blisters cause of them
hmm :)


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Offt Deary Me!

Life seems difficult as a bassist AND a band manager
bassist side - my wrists are killing me, and i have no idea why, my fingers are stiff and i cant seem to learn anything anymore :

band manager side - no band seems interested in having me as a manager and one thats expressed opinion on me attempting to become manager is when their parents stop!

oh deary me
music aint looking good

on the bright side
lifes beaut
oh yuss, going to bed a 3...
waking up a 12 :)
i swear im a lazy sod hahaha


Monday, 10 August 2009

Woaah (H)

aint posted innawhile
hehehehe IMCRD
that was beaut
in the meantime i have :

been to studio, twice
been to london
had a haircut
been tormented by grace
got some new shoesies
been and helped out in my grandads garage doing me mothers breakpads
and had my last appointment :)

life is gurddd
i have studio tonight toooooo :)

and heres a photo of me infamous shoeies

their vans
from tk maxx
£8 down from £45
i know they look diffiefied
but their too much of a good offer to miss! :)
plus ive seen a photo of my prom dress (in the making)
and its fucking lovely
i cant wait for the real one :D:D:D
working now like, woopies