Thursday, 13 August 2009

Offt Deary Me!

Life seems difficult as a bassist AND a band manager
bassist side - my wrists are killing me, and i have no idea why, my fingers are stiff and i cant seem to learn anything anymore :

band manager side - no band seems interested in having me as a manager and one thats expressed opinion on me attempting to become manager is when their parents stop!

oh deary me
music aint looking good

on the bright side
lifes beaut
oh yuss, going to bed a 3...
waking up a 12 :)
i swear im a lazy sod hahaha



  1. rofl *hi five*

    lazyness rules
    and just to think around 10months and we can be as lazy as we want ^^ well for a couple of months

    and i hit a mental block with drumming, but I know you'll herdle over urs :)

  2. haha i just keep going and going
    and if i gotta remember it,
    im a good tab reader so it dont take long to know how to play it, its the memory x