Sunday, 25 July 2010


Just got my sponsorship... YEY :)
spoken to a fair number of people... YEY :)

lifes looking good... YEY! :)


Saturday, 17 July 2010


Small and sweet

I think I miss him =\

I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan

Friday, 16 July 2010

Doodes Don't Cure Boredum

but adding lyrics to 'em do! :)

I was bored, and the mother got me this magnetic whiteboard, hahahaha
bad mistake mummy :)
like my doodles? I take pride in knowing my drawing extent is stickmen :) but its amusing

Such lyrics on there includes
"I Can Wait Forever" - Simple Plan
"Today I've Wasted Away, For Today Is On My Mind" from Yesterday's Feeling - The Used
]"The Rain - It Never Lies" from The Rain - ForeverInMotion
"I'm Not Kissing You Goodbye" - The Used
"You Look Beautiful Today" from I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan
and the longest one
"This Scene Is Dull Devine
Enimies, They Start Surrouding Me
Mostly In My Head Cause I Swear,
I've Never Been So Depressed" from "Let's Get Outta Here" - Madina Lake

i cant explain what made me doodle it
but it killed bout 10-15 minutes


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Going Undergrounnnnnd

hehehe, yes, i went to a mine yesturday
and i proppa enjoyed it
im gunna be gutted if i dont get this sponsorship :P

had a good day too, went to see a friend of mine, then met afew friends of his,
had a joke, mentioned how we aint seen eachother in like, 9-10 months and how twas gurd seeing eachother again :)

oh well, :) had a good day so thats all i care about

lovess xx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Time To Contemplate

Well, I finished school 3 weeks ago (myy godd!)
And I'm seriously bored with nothing to do... at all.
It's starting to feel like I'm about to waste away.
I shouldn't be left to contemplate

I mean come on! I'm off school and I'm using long words, that's how bored I am!

Well... I've finished two Harry Potter games (The Order Of The Pheonix on difficultly levels one and two then The Half-Blood Prince, becoming master of dueling in all four houses), watched all the Shrek movies (four in cinemas then 1, 2 and 3 in order at home) and the Toy Story trilogy IN ORDER.
I have a feeling I might end up watching all the H/P movies in one go, then the Lord Of The Rings if I'm not careful.


Man, this month and half better hurry up.
I'm sick of waiting around doing nothing all day.
Hopefully in September I'll have a nice sponsorship :)

much loves

Contemplate [verb - to think seriously (about): I was contemplating (= feeling inclinded towards) having a holiday. She contemplated her gloomy future]

P.S Naka... I ain't a perv... I'm just happily single looking at peeps

;) :')

p.s.s - a prom photo for yerrs :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Insert A High Pitched Excited Squeal Here


oh man im sad... itll be the third time
once when they were supporting LostProphets
and that time just after Biffy Clyro

but im fucking buzzing for it :D:D:D
Time to see Aled Phillips and his fit crew ;)


Friday, 9 July 2010

And I'm Singing To My Feet Yeaaaaaaah

... yeah im bored
man... two months off, how to kill THIS time?!
ive made a outline of a rat cage... at least
and ive got myself a nice saw mark in my leg :) i swear it actually looks hilarious

and im considering making xmas lights :)
then im going underground next wednesday
and in the meantime, im hopefully gunna go annoy some amigos :)

anywho, this morning, i was gunna be lazy n stay in bed, but i thought of this and ultimately, had to get out of bed n note it down
im hoping to pull in dear friend Naka n several others, n either recording a song (cover or to lyrics wrote by me or other amigos)
or a music vid (again, either a cover or to one we've just recorded)

might be a nice project eh?! :P
comment if yerr wanna join into it
or post again if yerr want more people into it
i think itll be shimmy shimmy funable :)

well, i will be offski to go do what my mother just suggested...
PVA glue... water... ratcage... waterproof
does that woman know not to give me ideas?!

Saturday - Kids In Glass Houses
someone wanna come see these live again with me? :P