Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Touch of Conscience

Before I decide to post this recent lyric fanaza, I must begin with something I think certain people should read, and after you've read it, I hope you realise who it's about.
And if you do read it, and your aware they havn't, please pass on the message?

I no longer use windows messenger, so it's not like I can use that to pass on the message. But knowing their both bloggers, I'm hoping they'll get the message this way.
I'm sorry for the previous comments, I swear it was the alcohol, and I just never had the confidence to admit what I did was wrong.
I realise it was wrong, and that no matter how bad the depression is - it still can be difficult to deal with. I guess I'm used to dealing with mine because I've had it for several years, forgetting that the older you get it, the harder it can be to cope with.

So like I've said before, I'm sorry for the previous comments and take it all back. I guess the only reason any of us really have blogger is to get some sense of attention we lack in the real world. So basically, I believe that everyone has an attention seeker inside them, some small and some just huge (most possibly like their ego).
But majority of times, it's mistaken to be bigger than it really is. Which is why I'm saying sorry, for mistaking yours when you were simply informing us of your recent decision.
Also, I apologise for offending your sibling then having ago at you. I understand now that you must stand by-side them you care about, as they'll one day take your back when your too weak.
Mentioning that line, I must say a massive THANK YOU to my friends and family, who stood by me when I was too scared to even be in the house by myself.

I hope this says alot, I just had a sudden touch of conscience... and this song may reflect that, but I believe that the title goes well with it. So here it is.
Touch Of Conscience

I'll be your forgiven nightmare
The bittersweet daydream
I might begin to haunt the dark
But I celebrate within your smile

Playful but carefully
Whisper sweet loving sins
And release us to the sky
This is where my skill plays in

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
I won't know until I've tried.

Smile of beauty but a kiss of death
Your dying wish is my living pain
Just think - love carries us forever
And hate only takes us six foot deep

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
I won't know until I've tried.

The hope hidden in the twilight fades
Leaves behind the torment of the dusk
I'll win you back whatever it takes
Loosing you will only strengthen my lust

I promise I'll try stay sane this time
But the area holds nothing more for me
You kept me here just to let me fall
This can either make me or break me
We'll never know until we try.

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
But we'll never know until we try;
Until we tried

Prom Soon!

EEEEEEK! So excited tbh! :D
Got photos of me in the dress and the accessories :)!

£38 for the dress

Shoes, Necklace/Choke, Bag, Bracelets and HairBand
£22 all together (roughly)

£30 for the limo (... dont seem right eh?)
£26 spent to go to prom
Total - £116 (fuck me!)

Also, heres Aled Sean (bastard just bit me.)
(the darker one, other one's Shelzo {Zero Sheldon}, who bit me five times when we got him, according to Lol the downstairs looked like a crime scene... good crack, week later i still have the bite marks)

Well, I is inna shitty mood, so i will love ya and leave yas.

I have new albums (dunna if I've already mentioned!)
but I might review one later. hehehe


Kobrakai - LostProphets

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Aled Sean Matthews :)


my mates giving me a large hamster cage (hopefully big enough for a rat)
and if not, its going to our lol who wants a hamster :P


and as the title says, yes hes getting called Aled Sean :)
it grows on yerr trust me
but hes gunna be called Aled all the time :)
if hes naughty, Aled Sean Matthews :)
cute eh?
ill get a photo asap xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So much for a "Secondhand Serenade" ...

it happened 2008!
man im in shock!
he currently has two albums up to date
Awake - completely acoustic and by himself
A Twist In My Story - he got a band (including his brother Lukas) and it was mostly about his divorce
new album is Hear Me Now
i issa buzzing
you can hear Reach For The Sky acoustic on youtube,
Something More (in another post) the offical single
and You Are A Drug which is the like the B side of that single
their all so cute tbh :):)
i think this album is a deffo review hehe
btw, congrats to Naka :) she wont know what for while im posting this xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

yerr know

i give up
after four n half pintso carling
halfa pinto blackthorn
and four shots
i finally give up
have a perfect live everyone
i dont fukcing care anymore


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Singles!

:):) yapp! i know of TWO so far, so sorry bout the high buzz

Secondhand Serenade - Something More

and then

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

and one single which i can listen to again and again

Kids In Glass Houses - Matters At All

lol i actually need to stop with KIGH... everytime i listen to it, i can see two people together... who i dont want together... who aint even together... if that makes sense? :)

hahaha ill be honest, insanity might be getting the best of me atm, but ah well, ill come through it like i always do
its getting hard to admit to it though, but i aint gunna start ranting and raving bout life with depression, insanity or hysteria here yerr know?

... im saving that for the loony bin HAHAHA :) xxx