Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Prom Soon!

EEEEEEK! So excited tbh! :D
Got photos of me in the dress and the accessories :)!

£38 for the dress

Shoes, Necklace/Choke, Bag, Bracelets and HairBand
£22 all together (roughly)

£30 for the limo (... dont seem right eh?)
£26 spent to go to prom
Total - £116 (fuck me!)

Also, heres Aled Sean (bastard just bit me.)
(the darker one, other one's Shelzo {Zero Sheldon}, who bit me five times when we got him, according to Lol the downstairs looked like a crime scene... good crack, week later i still have the bite marks)

Well, I is inna shitty mood, so i will love ya and leave yas.

I have new albums (dunna if I've already mentioned!)
but I might review one later. hehehe


Kobrakai - LostProphets

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