Monday, 26 April 2010

hmm x

Never Let You Go is a rather lovely song
why am i listening to it anyway?
oh well, new obsession next few days :p


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Said and Loved

At the end of the day, it's your call
There's three words that can make me
And three that can break me, heart and mind

I got over you after a year
Cupid must have gave me a break
Maybe his best friends carling
Cause he caused this to start again

My heart appears to be failling
This actually hurts to breath
is this heartache?
or is this just love?

Your friends take the mick out of you
they accuse you of being taken
its all my silly mistake, im sorry
maybe the dance floor and a convicated phone is best when im drunk

My heart appears to be failling
This actually hurts to breath
is this heartache?
or is this just love?

I guess we can face this together
Like I said, this is your call
We can either go out and be happy
Or we can act like I was dancing ABBA when i sent then messages

Just one last thing I'd love to mention
I never meant to hurt you
If I knew this would work out like this
Baby, I'd have attempted to get over you last year

ily... unfortunately :( xxx


I'm going to see Kids In Glass Houses this Sunday, and staying in the Hilton, coming back Monday

and I'm going to see AND MEET Biffy Clyro with 5 of my awesome friends on friday :) staying at my friend (who won the tickets) and coming back on the saturday


Anyone want these blogging about?
cause i'll be getting photos lol xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010


man, i might actually do a post on Dolly Parton you know?!
i mean... sat with dolly mixtures doing a a post on DP?
shes amazing! honestly
she was song writing since a young age,
and she wrote
I Will Always Love You
she's very down to earth
shes one of 12
and she nearly went into recording with Elvis Presley!

dude... allow me to do this post please? :)

listen to her live!

hmm id love to be able to sing like that me


Friday, 16 April 2010

Theres No-Where Better Than Here!

oh dude, am onna sing about
but hey! weathers lovely, trying to drag the lads out, im in shorts :D
MIND i HAVE had these shorts for bout five years
and they still fit how i want them too
cause im paranoid bout my thighs, they come just above my knee so its all good :)

and also i finally got my biology sorted, and im finally reading kes again
so its just a case of taking it easy and like yaa :)

not looking forward to college, but thats from a drunken moment
OH AND NAKA... if thats the moment your going onnabout, next post i promise

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - The Blackout

this is the blackout!
and you'll find out, its gunna come and take
everything you love away
the blackout!
coming to your town
we'll never run away
so stand and fight another day

Thursday, 15 April 2010

And The Words Don't Mean A Thing

after a movie (Remember Me) and a mooch that went from boro to marske, im wondering, why is everyone i know so fucked over relationships?

ive read a blog, about a relationship which shes terrified she'll loose him
i had two guys today admit they want a relationship, and imply im not heartless
(no offence, i bitch too much to have a heart haha)
and it just seems everyone i know is either wanting a relationship or is in one... hmm...

oh well, i guess im happy, if it happens, it happens

although... one guy, the list we have to do is starting to get redic
i have to sit on his knee, he needs to give me a hug and i think hes having a comp with someone who can smack my arse first without me trying block when im next out... HAHAHA

but meh... Remember Me <3>
Last Time - Secondhand Serenade


just a small city boyy
born and raised in south detroooy
took the midnight train going anywherrrre
beats having:

i dont dance!
i know you can!
not a chance!
if i can do this than you can do that
BUT - I DONT - DANCE! :) xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

And The Dick'ed Award Goes Tooooo!

cause seen my fab phone?
(which is like... a year old and that isnt actually MY phone, but identical)

you see the fancy middle bit?
well... i pulled that off several months ago
and then the T button finally fell off
so i kinda felt the need for some brain power
and superglue

and thats why the Dick'ed Award is mine :)

its stiff and annoying, but its working!
so like yeah :) i shall get used to it

do any of yous have an incredibly awesome phone which can stand up to my QWERTY?
it has microsoft word, excel and powerpoint on :D:D
hahahahaha i think its rather hilarous cause i use 'em from time to time

lovesss xx

i am in a FABULOUS mood
with a chance of a battering :)