Friday, 8 October 2010

Tell Me I'm A Wreck...

Speaking of dreams, I had a pretty crazy one last night. And surprisenly, I remembered it all in the morning! :D!

But throughout the morning, I seemed to have a commentator in my head for no apparent reason, going through my dream again. It went abit like this:

"This relationship started like any others. Texts and calls followed by that one blessed day we offically began dating. And the rest of it was typical, seeing each other as often as we possibly could, being loved up within our own world. Planning a future forgetting there is a chance we'll go our seperate ways. And with everything so perfect, there is of course the interfering ex and the evil bitch who tries to seperate us. But this is where my story goes from typical to bizzare.
This story is mine, and my version is where me and a group of friends worked out this crazy love triangle and managed to win him back. Which, believe me, doesn't look easy.
Fancy knowing my story more? Well, I'll tell you, so don't you worry about that."

Personally, I think it'd make a good movie, but too indetail for it to be a book... hmm don't know what to do.


... I could drive :) xx

Tell Me I'm A Wreck - Every Avenue LISTEN TO IT! :) xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Annnd The Love Kick Starts Again!


two months since I've posted?! WOOP!
Well, life has gotten better since then to be honest.

I've kept my Mr. Blue Eyes :'D
And it's offically my longest relationship of Saturday, 2nd October, 2010 :)
Got a sponsorship with a well known (and praised) company based in the north east
I'm the second girl to be sponsored by CPL (Cleveland Potash Limited)
Down side of it all... I'm the only girl in a group of 11... And I'm missing female company.
But not as much as I expected!!

Lad's banter is really easy to put up with surprisenly.
Like today, we all had a conversation about what we'd do if we were a member of the opposite sex for a day, and who we'd turn gay (or lesbian in my case), the guys said they wouldn't, and seemed surprised I wouldn't even turn for Katy Perry.
I love them fellas :')

Well, all in all, life looks PER-FECT-A-MUNDO! :)
lovess xx

Thursday, 5 August 2010


if everythings so perfect... why does it just feel like words?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

We Made Our Mistakes

eeee, sat watching Remember Me :)
looking forward to tomorrow :)
actually looking forward to tonight

oh man, if live looked perfect in that last post, my god its gotten better! :D

love yassss :D:D xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Just got my sponsorship... YEY :)
spoken to a fair number of people... YEY :)

lifes looking good... YEY! :)


Saturday, 17 July 2010


Small and sweet

I think I miss him =\

I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan

Friday, 16 July 2010

Doodes Don't Cure Boredum

but adding lyrics to 'em do! :)

I was bored, and the mother got me this magnetic whiteboard, hahahaha
bad mistake mummy :)
like my doodles? I take pride in knowing my drawing extent is stickmen :) but its amusing

Such lyrics on there includes
"I Can Wait Forever" - Simple Plan
"Today I've Wasted Away, For Today Is On My Mind" from Yesterday's Feeling - The Used
]"The Rain - It Never Lies" from The Rain - ForeverInMotion
"I'm Not Kissing You Goodbye" - The Used
"You Look Beautiful Today" from I Can Wait Forever - Simple Plan
and the longest one
"This Scene Is Dull Devine
Enimies, They Start Surrouding Me
Mostly In My Head Cause I Swear,
I've Never Been So Depressed" from "Let's Get Outta Here" - Madina Lake

i cant explain what made me doodle it
but it killed bout 10-15 minutes


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Going Undergrounnnnnd

hehehe, yes, i went to a mine yesturday
and i proppa enjoyed it
im gunna be gutted if i dont get this sponsorship :P

had a good day too, went to see a friend of mine, then met afew friends of his,
had a joke, mentioned how we aint seen eachother in like, 9-10 months and how twas gurd seeing eachother again :)

oh well, :) had a good day so thats all i care about

lovess xx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Time To Contemplate

Well, I finished school 3 weeks ago (myy godd!)
And I'm seriously bored with nothing to do... at all.
It's starting to feel like I'm about to waste away.
I shouldn't be left to contemplate

I mean come on! I'm off school and I'm using long words, that's how bored I am!

Well... I've finished two Harry Potter games (The Order Of The Pheonix on difficultly levels one and two then The Half-Blood Prince, becoming master of dueling in all four houses), watched all the Shrek movies (four in cinemas then 1, 2 and 3 in order at home) and the Toy Story trilogy IN ORDER.
I have a feeling I might end up watching all the H/P movies in one go, then the Lord Of The Rings if I'm not careful.


Man, this month and half better hurry up.
I'm sick of waiting around doing nothing all day.
Hopefully in September I'll have a nice sponsorship :)

much loves

Contemplate [verb - to think seriously (about): I was contemplating (= feeling inclinded towards) having a holiday. She contemplated her gloomy future]

P.S Naka... I ain't a perv... I'm just happily single looking at peeps

;) :')

p.s.s - a prom photo for yerrs :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Insert A High Pitched Excited Squeal Here


oh man im sad... itll be the third time
once when they were supporting LostProphets
and that time just after Biffy Clyro

but im fucking buzzing for it :D:D:D
Time to see Aled Phillips and his fit crew ;)


Friday, 9 July 2010

And I'm Singing To My Feet Yeaaaaaaah

... yeah im bored
man... two months off, how to kill THIS time?!
ive made a outline of a rat cage... at least
and ive got myself a nice saw mark in my leg :) i swear it actually looks hilarious

and im considering making xmas lights :)
then im going underground next wednesday
and in the meantime, im hopefully gunna go annoy some amigos :)

anywho, this morning, i was gunna be lazy n stay in bed, but i thought of this and ultimately, had to get out of bed n note it down
im hoping to pull in dear friend Naka n several others, n either recording a song (cover or to lyrics wrote by me or other amigos)
or a music vid (again, either a cover or to one we've just recorded)

might be a nice project eh?! :P
comment if yerr wanna join into it
or post again if yerr want more people into it
i think itll be shimmy shimmy funable :)

well, i will be offski to go do what my mother just suggested...
PVA glue... water... ratcage... waterproof
does that woman know not to give me ideas?!

Saturday - Kids In Glass Houses
someone wanna come see these live again with me? :P

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Touch of Conscience

Before I decide to post this recent lyric fanaza, I must begin with something I think certain people should read, and after you've read it, I hope you realise who it's about.
And if you do read it, and your aware they havn't, please pass on the message?

I no longer use windows messenger, so it's not like I can use that to pass on the message. But knowing their both bloggers, I'm hoping they'll get the message this way.
I'm sorry for the previous comments, I swear it was the alcohol, and I just never had the confidence to admit what I did was wrong.
I realise it was wrong, and that no matter how bad the depression is - it still can be difficult to deal with. I guess I'm used to dealing with mine because I've had it for several years, forgetting that the older you get it, the harder it can be to cope with.

So like I've said before, I'm sorry for the previous comments and take it all back. I guess the only reason any of us really have blogger is to get some sense of attention we lack in the real world. So basically, I believe that everyone has an attention seeker inside them, some small and some just huge (most possibly like their ego).
But majority of times, it's mistaken to be bigger than it really is. Which is why I'm saying sorry, for mistaking yours when you were simply informing us of your recent decision.
Also, I apologise for offending your sibling then having ago at you. I understand now that you must stand by-side them you care about, as they'll one day take your back when your too weak.
Mentioning that line, I must say a massive THANK YOU to my friends and family, who stood by me when I was too scared to even be in the house by myself.

I hope this says alot, I just had a sudden touch of conscience... and this song may reflect that, but I believe that the title goes well with it. So here it is.
Touch Of Conscience

I'll be your forgiven nightmare
The bittersweet daydream
I might begin to haunt the dark
But I celebrate within your smile

Playful but carefully
Whisper sweet loving sins
And release us to the sky
This is where my skill plays in

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
I won't know until I've tried.

Smile of beauty but a kiss of death
Your dying wish is my living pain
Just think - love carries us forever
And hate only takes us six foot deep

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
I won't know until I've tried.

The hope hidden in the twilight fades
Leaves behind the torment of the dusk
I'll win you back whatever it takes
Loosing you will only strengthen my lust

I promise I'll try stay sane this time
But the area holds nothing more for me
You kept me here just to let me fall
This can either make me or break me
We'll never know until we try.

I swear I won't crash and burn this time,
Maybe I don't belong around here,
But your my biggest challenge to stay for.
This can either make me or break me,
But we'll never know until we try;
Until we tried

Prom Soon!

EEEEEEK! So excited tbh! :D
Got photos of me in the dress and the accessories :)!

£38 for the dress

Shoes, Necklace/Choke, Bag, Bracelets and HairBand
£22 all together (roughly)

£30 for the limo (... dont seem right eh?)
£26 spent to go to prom
Total - £116 (fuck me!)

Also, heres Aled Sean (bastard just bit me.)
(the darker one, other one's Shelzo {Zero Sheldon}, who bit me five times when we got him, according to Lol the downstairs looked like a crime scene... good crack, week later i still have the bite marks)

Well, I is inna shitty mood, so i will love ya and leave yas.

I have new albums (dunna if I've already mentioned!)
but I might review one later. hehehe


Kobrakai - LostProphets

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Aled Sean Matthews :)


my mates giving me a large hamster cage (hopefully big enough for a rat)
and if not, its going to our lol who wants a hamster :P


and as the title says, yes hes getting called Aled Sean :)
it grows on yerr trust me
but hes gunna be called Aled all the time :)
if hes naughty, Aled Sean Matthews :)
cute eh?
ill get a photo asap xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So much for a "Secondhand Serenade" ...

it happened 2008!
man im in shock!
he currently has two albums up to date
Awake - completely acoustic and by himself
A Twist In My Story - he got a band (including his brother Lukas) and it was mostly about his divorce
new album is Hear Me Now
i issa buzzing
you can hear Reach For The Sky acoustic on youtube,
Something More (in another post) the offical single
and You Are A Drug which is the like the B side of that single
their all so cute tbh :):)
i think this album is a deffo review hehe
btw, congrats to Naka :) she wont know what for while im posting this xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

yerr know

i give up
after four n half pintso carling
halfa pinto blackthorn
and four shots
i finally give up
have a perfect live everyone
i dont fukcing care anymore


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New Singles!

:):) yapp! i know of TWO so far, so sorry bout the high buzz

Secondhand Serenade - Something More

and then

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

and one single which i can listen to again and again

Kids In Glass Houses - Matters At All

lol i actually need to stop with KIGH... everytime i listen to it, i can see two people together... who i dont want together... who aint even together... if that makes sense? :)

hahaha ill be honest, insanity might be getting the best of me atm, but ah well, ill come through it like i always do
its getting hard to admit to it though, but i aint gunna start ranting and raving bout life with depression, insanity or hysteria here yerr know?

... im saving that for the loony bin HAHAHA :) xxx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Animal Colours

i swear i have a certain thing with certain animal colours
i mean, theres this colour (i dunno the technical name)

Dun/Buckskin - golden with black mane and tail (depending a strip between the two)

and then theres a bay (brown with black mane and tail)

and the Shar Pei... i dunno, i think their cute too haha

now we know what weird animals/colours i like :) hahha

oh and that cat that Naka was laughing at for nearly falling off the wall! :)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cutie Photos :)

Fox is a common name for many species of carnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Foxes are small to medium-sized canids (slightly smaller than the median-sized domestic dog), characterized by possessing a long narrow snout, and a bushy tail (or brush).

Members of about 37 species are referred to as foxes, of which only 12 species actually belong to the Vulpes genus of 'true foxes', most common being the RED FOX.

And people HUNT these animals? Personally, I think their way to cute.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


... uh sorry, im watching Robin Hood
offt Kevin Cosner
offt Alan Rickman

meanwhile, i had my first exam today
went kinda well
slightly pissed off with aloada random stuff, otherwise its all good

plus! my friend naka has beena doodling in my leavers book, so ill put the photos from that on here one day

ill post when i got summet interesting
but new A7X single is out, i need to listen to that

Monday, 10 May 2010

"Hello Vyvyan!" "... Oh... Hi Mum"

hahahaa :)
this is kinda all ive done today
sleep, movies and young ones :)
man, i hate being off :(
i feel like shit but i feel so blaady bored!

dude i really wanna make a cake
but i dont think ill be allowed :(:(:(:(

so yerr know what im gunna do...
sweet eff-a
but watch The Young Ones

well.. head hurts :) so i might just sleep again
and no-one actually noticed i was off :P apart from one complete toss hahaa
who woke me up...
so ill be having ago at him tomorrow

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dirt Kids In Glass Houses REVISITED!

Name - Dirt
Artist - Kids In Glass Houses
Release Date - 29-March-2010
Singles (To Date) - Youngblood (Let It Go), Matters At All


(L-R) Philip Jenkins, Andrew Shay, Aled Phillips, Joel Fisher, Iain Mahanty
drummer, bassist, vocalist, guitarist, guitarist

Kids In Glass Houses are a five-piece band that formed in 2003 from Cardiff, Wales.
They were nominated for Best British Newcomer in 2007, but were beaten by Gallows.
They have also toured with number of bands including: LostProphets, The Used, Funeral For a Friend, 30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, New Found Glory, Enter Shikari and Fightstar.

They went into recording on August 1st 2009. Youngblood (Let It Go) had been released 5th October 2009 followed by Matters At All, released 31st January 2010. Track 9, "Undercover Lover" features guest vocals from Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays.

Artbreaker 1
The Best Is Yet To Come
Matters At All
Yougnblood (Let It Go)
Lilli Rose
Giving Up
For Better Or Hearse
Undercover Lover
Maybe Tomorrow
The Morning Afterlife
Hunt The Haunted
Artbreaker 2

Song Reviews

Artbreaker 1:
Begins off rtaher quiet (like a broken radio) then jumps into a "full headphone" sound once it's played its main guitar line once. The lyrics suggest that it's very similar to a HEartbreak, but yet again, ir references towards that maybe music is the art behind it all, (I love the way you call it art / When you never even use your heart / I just wanna tear you apart). It also goes on about the likeness of fame, and possibly how easy it is for some people to achieve, or possibly how people seem to see how easy it is, when in reality it's a completely different ball game.
Song Rating - 8/10

The Best Is Yet To Come:
The beginning of this one seems to half carry on from the last one, and references to a person who he possibly once knew. One theme that seems to come through on several songs is relationship (HEartbreaker? Lilli Rose? Undercover Lover?)
and that he seems to let out little hints that he's either going to try stay with her, that he's possibly pushing her to something she doesn't want to do (Lie down slowly / Don't you fool me / Cause I don't wanna be alone tonight / The best is yet to come). The bridge also shows a reference that she promised something she's not willing to deliver yet.
Song Rating - 6/10

This one is definitely one you'd wish to play in a middle of a break {along with This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things}. It seems that he's begging for her to talk to him, and how he seems to regret what he's done. He also seems to show that people should just be greatful for what's there instead of wishing for better. (Stop wishing for the sunshine (WOAAH-OH)/ Start living in the rain (WOAAH-OHH) / Stop telling me to feel fine (WOAAH-OHH) / Start living with the pain). He seems to know exactly what he's done, knows it cannot be kept hidden and that they need to talk this out. The guitar/bass just seem repetitive and show nothing to be commented on {i noticed i hadn't commented on it so far! Nothings jumped out at me yet to comment on sorry}
Song Rating - 9.5/10 {It's brilliant! but i cannot Ten It :( }

Matters At All:
This one seems to give us the idea that maybe they've only had a short relationship up to now, and that she isn't what people usually look for {in the media, at least}. The guitar seems so jumpy and upbeat it seems almost unusual. The way that the backing vocals just go "ahh-ahh-ahh-ah-ahh" {hard to reflect on internet!}, just the way that music seems to go quite when he's mentioning that maybe she left him, and the way they come back when he appears to be "arguing" with her telling her it's majoroity her fault is just pure GENIUS! He seems to mention she has habits which could possibly kill her someday, that she once seemed to have an amazing future but then left it. (All these things you like to leave behind / If it matters at all [x2] / You'll wait until your first time / You'll wait until there's something wrong / Cause you'll always be the one / Who said goodnight). Also the way that whenever Aled sings "if it matters at all" even makes me thing "god, have a screwed up?!". It just seems a massive hardhitting thing that must make you rethink going into a relationship {and yes, I am happily single... does it show?}. One last comment before I leave this song... GOODNIGHT ALED!
Song Rating - 9/10

YoungBlood (Let It Out)
The intro to this has barely any guitar, which possibly shows that it's very basic, which might explain why he wants to let it out. Then to pull all the instruments in when he's shouting about letting it out might show that not only do the basic people (e.g. the two in the relationship) want to tell all secrets, that maybe others around them want them too. He also expresses that he's slightly sick of being where he is and that well... Young Boys, Young Girls? Says enough about why he wants to go somewhere knew, and maybe she should just allow him, since he's been letting his imagination do all the work recently. (Youngboy chasing his prayers upstairs / A white light a red line / And her thighs / On his mind)
Song Rating? - 6/10

Lilli Rose
Welcome Lilli, one thing we must have learnt so far is your possibly a fictional character who seems to be, to say the least, a dirty little Rose who the guy, out of all people, seems to like. He expresses that she may have dropped hints about leaving, and pretty much begs her not to. Having a soft guitar and bass may show that shes fragile but in her own way. Then having a thicker textile might show something that maybe this Lilli Rose isn't exactly his girl. (I don't wanna loose you / But I never really had you before). And then to end with a simple (Lilli Rose eat your heart out / At the speed of light) suggests that maybe she wanted him as well, but him being taken, maybe a major problem for her, causing her to want to leave.
Song Rating - 7/10

Giving Up
It seems that maybe him and Lilli Rose have called it quits. He mentions all sorts that he possibly cannot do without her, personally I think this might be him trying to tell her that the depression he's about to go through will near enough kill him, as he wont have the courage to go to sleep without her being there, but he just wants to completely forget about her. (Cause we come from different towns / And recognise the sound of giving up) A very slow ballad which is very much guitar and drums driven with a soothing bass underlying. We get afew different, uncommon-in-rock instruments but if just adds to the disaster of Giving Up.
Song Rating - 8/10

For Better Or Hearse
Rather cheeky title, and that it seems like a very bass driven song but so upbeat. The lyrics give off a sense that he may be somewhere he knows, that he has a warning that he won't leave but he's going to die, so he seems to see a comfort for it after what's going on in his life, and how it seems to have happened before. The fact that this is possibly one of the only songs in the album that has a solo in might suggest he's going it Solo, and that he doesn't really seem arsed as it appears to be a turn around in his whole life. Man this is such an upbeat song, I don't think I can lowmark it, despite the fact I don't really like it. (This is the warning / Never gonna get / Never gonna get me out this town / Let's that the mouring / Never gonna see / Never gonna see another day)
Song Rating - 7/10

Undercover Lover
Guest Vocals Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays
This song is so upbeat, it possibly shows that he has found a new lass, which could be good or it could be bad. We must see. But one thing he seems to be seeing is that he wants to keep it quite incase anything goes wrong. He also seems to go on about the best way to get her to stay around and listing the differences between her now and his old woman (I had a good day / Doing things the wrong way / Your my undercover lover / You get your kicks for free). Several times throughout the song, she mentions that it's "killing" her and how they just need to forget about something{possibly keeping it quiet? Or maybe a one-night stand?}
Song Rating - 6/10 {it's never grasped me I'm sorry}

Maybe Tomorrow
This seems to show that he feels he's seen it all before, and that he knows how it's going to play out. But he seems to wish that tomorrow might bring something a little different to what he is used to, and he still goes out as it's the last thing he might want to do. (Maybe tomorrow brings a song / And we all sing along) meaning that maybe it'll be WAY different {since when did a day bring a song?} The song doesn't seem to have a fanscinating music section to comment on, but it has a crowd vocal in the background too.
Song Rating - 7/10

The Morning Afterlife
I think it's hit him that somethings happened. Maybe this is Tomorrow's song. He sings about how he doesn't seem to really think that there's a reason to keep going and that the world has basically told him it's time for him to give up. (Just when you thought the world was yours / When you thought you had it all / Just when you thought you'd done enough to get you through the night). It seems that it could have been putting on a brave face where in his own reality he's ready to give himself into the darkness of the night and call it quits for the days. He also seems to be telling someone close to him how he's feeling, trying to make them think how he is, also trying to ask them questions that he himself does not know the answer too, in which no-one but possibly God himself {sorry I'm refered to as catholic but I aint} knows. The solo which happens show's the stress and that {like mentioned before} that he's going it solo. Then for Aled to give a lovely performance of (Who do you trust when all I know is at home in / All the wars? / And I’ve been somewhere, I’ve been somewhere / Who do you turn to when the best of everyone you / Knew has turned on you?) It doesn't appear to be a song to be taken seriously, but it's also a song that shows that maybe some things are simply not meant to be, and that maybe no matter how you try, it'll never happen. Really emotional.
Possibly the song I fell in love after Sunshine
Song Rating - 9.5/10

Hunt the Hanted
Starting off with a full, minor sounding band could possibly give off the impression of hope she has hidden. The way he starts off with the lyrics about a female might suggest that maybe he has a new crush going on. But also the fact it suggests that somewhere's being haunted could suggest his ex-girlfriend has either died or is still trying to save their now-dead relationship. (She's gunna hunt your home / And break your bones / Never gunna leave your soul alone / 'Cause the things you got are gunna leave you on your own.) It might also suggest HE might be the one that has died, not her, and that either of them are going to be alone at the end of it. (When my body is cold / Decorate me in gold / Awake's a party / Have a good time). {Also I believe that a beginning must have an end, which could be expressed in this movie} Having the same hoping feeling guitar line going on seems to express that maybe this is an end he is going to love the beginning of, or that he might finally see that no matter how dark this stage in his life is getting, their will always be a light at the end f the tunnel for him.
Song Rating - 9/10

Artbreaker II
Pretty much is like Artbreaker I, apart from it is abit heavier and hard hitting, which could express that maybe now his story has ended, that he is beginning to see that it will just start all over again. Also the fact that it has a guitar solo could show that now it's HEartbreaker II, that he's going to start being just a "HEartbreaker" by remainning single, and that maybe his love songs cannot be art anymore as he hasn't got his heart into love and relationships anymore. So maybe that the guitar solo's may show that he's starting to go it alone could suggest that Artbreaker II is alot different to his original self at the beginning of the song. Also the way he seem's to chant (This is not the way we came to play around)
Song Rating - 8.5/10

Overall Album Rating - 8/10

Good going Kids In Glass Houses :) what next? you can have:
Either All Time Low's
NEW Bullet For My Valentine
We Are The Ocean
Mayday Parade

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Danny Elfman - Beaut Singer

A vampire or a wizard (and why)?
a vampire, cause i wouldnt have to sleep and could FINALLY learn another language

If you could change one thing about you, what would it be - if anything?
possibly so i was more outgoing

Would you rather live like a rock star or like a president? (in other words: fun or power)?
Rock star obviousl! i love bass playing, i can deal with travelling and ill see the world :P

What's your favourite cartoon character?
possibly Mr Potato Head (Toy Story) or Mike (Monsters Inc)

What's your (most) guilty pleasure?
my iPod :) and half the shit on there
that and Sex and the City

If you were a song, what would it be?
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - The Blackout or
Sunshine - Kids In Glass Houses or
Hunt the Haunted - Kids In Glass Houses

What's your biggest dream?
to own my own studio :)

Do you prefer to be the one who asks questions or the one who answers them, and why?
to be asked

What is your biggest turn off and turn on?
Turn On: lanky guys... offffffft
Turn Off: the guy being younger than me

guess whos seeing

and dont worry
ill be redoing the whole album review AND gig view! :D:D:D xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

I Am A Mountin!

No Your Biffy Clyrooo!
hahahaha :)
i saw them last night


i did so :)

there was me, hannah, lauren, paige, steven (stephs nottingham mate) and Steph (TICKET WINNER!)

we got to MEET the band!

and i had a panic attack midway through the gig :(
it took me awhile until i could go back to my friends, even then i nearly cried :)

but ah well
it all ended well...

with me, steph and steven talking before eventually falling asleep :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

hmm x

Never Let You Go is a rather lovely song
why am i listening to it anyway?
oh well, new obsession next few days :p


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Said and Loved

At the end of the day, it's your call
There's three words that can make me
And three that can break me, heart and mind

I got over you after a year
Cupid must have gave me a break
Maybe his best friends carling
Cause he caused this to start again

My heart appears to be failling
This actually hurts to breath
is this heartache?
or is this just love?

Your friends take the mick out of you
they accuse you of being taken
its all my silly mistake, im sorry
maybe the dance floor and a convicated phone is best when im drunk

My heart appears to be failling
This actually hurts to breath
is this heartache?
or is this just love?

I guess we can face this together
Like I said, this is your call
We can either go out and be happy
Or we can act like I was dancing ABBA when i sent then messages

Just one last thing I'd love to mention
I never meant to hurt you
If I knew this would work out like this
Baby, I'd have attempted to get over you last year

ily... unfortunately :( xxx


I'm going to see Kids In Glass Houses this Sunday, and staying in the Hilton, coming back Monday

and I'm going to see AND MEET Biffy Clyro with 5 of my awesome friends on friday :) staying at my friend (who won the tickets) and coming back on the saturday


Anyone want these blogging about?
cause i'll be getting photos lol xx

Sunday, 18 April 2010


man, i might actually do a post on Dolly Parton you know?!
i mean... sat with dolly mixtures doing a a post on DP?
shes amazing! honestly
she was song writing since a young age,
and she wrote
I Will Always Love You
she's very down to earth
shes one of 12
and she nearly went into recording with Elvis Presley!

dude... allow me to do this post please? :)

listen to her live!

hmm id love to be able to sing like that me


Friday, 16 April 2010

Theres No-Where Better Than Here!

oh dude, am onna sing about
but hey! weathers lovely, trying to drag the lads out, im in shorts :D
MIND i HAVE had these shorts for bout five years
and they still fit how i want them too
cause im paranoid bout my thighs, they come just above my knee so its all good :)

and also i finally got my biology sorted, and im finally reading kes again
so its just a case of taking it easy and like yaa :)

not looking forward to college, but thats from a drunken moment
OH AND NAKA... if thats the moment your going onnabout, next post i promise

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - The Blackout

this is the blackout!
and you'll find out, its gunna come and take
everything you love away
the blackout!
coming to your town
we'll never run away
so stand and fight another day

Thursday, 15 April 2010

And The Words Don't Mean A Thing

after a movie (Remember Me) and a mooch that went from boro to marske, im wondering, why is everyone i know so fucked over relationships?

ive read a blog, about a relationship which shes terrified she'll loose him
i had two guys today admit they want a relationship, and imply im not heartless
(no offence, i bitch too much to have a heart haha)
and it just seems everyone i know is either wanting a relationship or is in one... hmm...

oh well, i guess im happy, if it happens, it happens

although... one guy, the list we have to do is starting to get redic
i have to sit on his knee, he needs to give me a hug and i think hes having a comp with someone who can smack my arse first without me trying block when im next out... HAHAHA

but meh... Remember Me <3>
Last Time - Secondhand Serenade


just a small city boyy
born and raised in south detroooy
took the midnight train going anywherrrre
beats having:

i dont dance!
i know you can!
not a chance!
if i can do this than you can do that
BUT - I DONT - DANCE! :) xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

And The Dick'ed Award Goes Tooooo!

cause seen my fab phone?
(which is like... a year old and that isnt actually MY phone, but identical)

you see the fancy middle bit?
well... i pulled that off several months ago
and then the T button finally fell off
so i kinda felt the need for some brain power
and superglue

and thats why the Dick'ed Award is mine :)

its stiff and annoying, but its working!
so like yeah :) i shall get used to it

do any of yous have an incredibly awesome phone which can stand up to my QWERTY?
it has microsoft word, excel and powerpoint on :D:D
hahahahaha i think its rather hilarous cause i use 'em from time to time

lovesss xx

i am in a FABULOUS mood
with a chance of a battering :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Kids In Glass Houses - Dirt


Name - Dirt
Artist - Kids In Glass Houses
Release Date - 29-March-2010
Singles (To Date) - Youngblood (Let It Go), Matters At All

(L-R) Philip Jenkins, Andrew Shay, Aled Phillips, Joel Fisher, Iain Mahanty
drummer, bassist, vocalist, guitarist, guitarist
Kids In Glass Houses are a five-piece band that formed in 2003 from Cardiff, Wales.
They were nominated for Best British Newcomer in 2007, but were beaten by Gallows.
They have also toured with number of bands including: LostProphets, The Used, Funeral For a Friend, 30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, New Found Glory, Enter Shikari and Fightstar.
They went into recording on August 1st 2009. Youngblood (Let It Go) had been released 5th October 2009 followed by Matters At All, released 31st January 2010. Track 9, "Undercover Lover" features guest vocals from Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays.
Artbreaker 1
The Best Is Yet To Come
Matters At All
Yougnblood (Let It Go)
Lilli Rose
Giving Up
For Better Or Hearse
Undercover Lover
Maybe Tomorrow
The Morning Afterlife
Hunt The Haunted
Artbreaker 2
{{{ill finish reviewing the whole album later
just finished a wack off bass sesh
dude, never again :)
i need to stop getting pissed off hahaha
but ah well, :) }}}

Friday, 26 March 2010

I Got Carried Away!

dude, these last twos days have appeared hectic
were really, theyve been rather interesting

but seriously, do you people think I'm thick?
cause im trying to be in a mood with someone whos called me thick
and says my little sisters smarter than me
but tbh, i dont think i actually can :
usually its easy for me to hold a mood for several days
but it was only just over an hour when i thought :
"i cannot be in a mood with you :\:\ its too difficult"



p.s - oh btw, yeah my singing is abit meh :) i dunno bout the quality, i dont care relisten to it incase i think its completely shiteee x

p.s.s - anyone need a bass teacher? xx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Girl I'm So Sorry I Was Bliiind

yeah, im listening to Elvis :) shoot me

oh man, today, <3
just. enough said.

its mad, was on a downer near enough all day
my body wouldnt keep itself overly warm like it always does
the minute i see them... im sorted,
over warm and seemingly happy again

man, wtf?
i never thought i felt that way with 'em!
only thought id be happy with 'em,

oh well, heres a song i sang for ym morgan baby
i guess i could link it in with this post
but ah well,
here you go
Me Singing Fall For You

other songs are on there i think

have a good 'en!

Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley

Monday, 22 March 2010

Singing Song Writing

well, little rachy was the main reason i started writing proppa
and now shes heard me sing, she thinks im epic
(even with a bad throat, go me :P)

im surprised she hasnt tried to talk me into going onto x factor
might attempt it me :P
hahhah what do yous think?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Love's Sadistic Hold

chasing round the memories off my mind
i try to see the day so clear
i believe it was february
the date slips away, damn forgive me sorrow

we barely talk anyway
everytime we do it isnt pleasant
so explain to me why i feel this way
feeling so alone, damn forgive me sorrow

i've tried to run
i've tried to hide
tried seeing other people
but you still hold my heart - a whole month later

ill be rejected, ill be hurt
but you feel like the risk i need to take
your never there, you never see
how much you mean, DAMN forgive me sorrow,

i've tried to run
i've tried to hide
tried seeing other people
but you still hold my heart - 6 months later

its time to let go yet you appear to precious
i'll never see my time, never see an 'us',
youll never see why i never even tried
well times running out, we got 2 months to make this right
damn forgive me sorrow

i've tried to run
i've tried to hide
tried seeing other people
but you still hold my heart - a whole year later

a whole year later, and i still love you.

you know... i heard this song made someone i know cry
its not that bad i swear? :P:) x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Shakespeare Screwed Up

turn the page, learn the script
wow ive felt so alive
staring into your creation
look up, sneak a look from your eyes
your my everything, confess im yours

spiked hair, piercing blue eyes
i cant help to think we're pure fate
just take me away from here,
hide me from this place
whisk me into your arms, together we'll run away

could you be my romeo
if i looked like your juilet?
we'd write our own story
and rewrite our happy ending

ignore all our friends,
they knew but kept us apart
at least we got through this together
me and you, well, we could be forever
hand me the book sweetie, we can write this tragidy

could you be my romeo
if i looked like your juilet?
we'd write our own story
and rewrite our happy ending

now the seasons change,
and how we got a decision
stay together or go seperate ways?
we had our happy together
lets record a happy ever after

if we're true fate,
we'll find another soon

if we we're a moment pair,
least we shared some memories

could you be my romeo
if i looked like your juilet?
we'd write our own story
and rewrite our happy ending

could he have been my romeo
if i looked like his juilet?
we'd write our own story
and rewrite our happy beginning

Baa ba ba bada ba ba ba

my oreos tasted weird...

people having a good time?
I know i am :D!
ive been writing songs,
(ILY - I Loathe You
Shakespeare Screwed Up
FUCK ME ITS FUCKED (isnt actually named yet)
A Whole Year Later
Leave It Be)

i just need some music to 'em
but i think Shakespeare Screwed Up is going to Lil Rachy... hmmm
might ask her if she wants posting on here
id love to see all your reactions to my shitty reactions :P

but ah well,
anyone got anything planned? :)

paramore - brick by boring brick

Sunday, 7 March 2010


dude... im back
after a london trip
sigh... whats life got in store for me next? hm?
two idiotic friends asking someone out for me in their physics lesson just after i joked with someone id go out with him in my chemistry? :)
good timess, good timess
dont help their bezzers pmsl
mind..... the chemistry one is practically my growing up bezzer

either way, either way
im stuck between a seemingly emotionless COD addict or a "engineer" ive liked for a year
oh isnt life so stressful?

dude we can so tell ive been to london to see dick'ed with sinclair
im horribly sarcastic at this moment in time
... i blame a watch hitting my head :)




Monday, 22 February 2010

My Mickey-Monster

:):) i just got told today i can offically part loan Mickey, a little pony/horse in my mates barn.
how cute is he?!

lol he is just gorgous, have already tried him and rode him.
hes perfect in a stable aswell
he seems like a school pony, but has little bad habits bless
but either way, hes lovely :)
what do yous all think of my Mickey-Monster? xx
p.s! what album do you want next? All Time Low - Nothing Personal or LostProphets - The Betrayed?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Blackout - The Best In Town

I might just review this album from the smexy Welsh emo rockers The Blackout :)
So quick overview on The Blackout.

(L-R - Rhys - James - Gareth - Sean - Matthew - Gavin)

Vocals - Gavin Bulter and Sean Smith

Guitars - Matthew Davies and James "Bob" Davies

Bass - Rhy Lewis

Drums - Gareth Lawrence

The Album - The Best In Town

Track Listing:
1. ShutTheFuckUppercut
3. Top Of The World
4. The Fire
6. Said and Done
7. Silent (When We Speak)
8. I Love Myself and I Wanna Live
10. We're Going To Hell... So Bring The Sunblock

The few songs that come to my attention mostly on the album are Save Our Selves, Top Of The World and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.
It's difficult to explain about this song. It seems to reflect that the person doesn't have an idea about whats going on, so it won't turn round right. The drums and bass provide a fast paced rhythm while the guitar's harmonise and make the whole peace feel at peace. Sean does also do his sections of scream singing too. It also mentions that the person cannot, in a sense, defeat whoever their competing against (You can't bring us down / we're the best in town).
Song raiting 7/10
Save Our Selves
I don't really know why, possibly because the chorus (This is the Blackout/ and you'll find out / that we'll come and take / everything you love away / the blackout, coming to your town / we'll never run away / so stand and fight another day) is, in my opinion, on about a RELATIONSHIP coming to an end. The guitars, bass and drums seem to match together to form a lovely sound and Sean's occational scream sing seems to represent the stress of the whole situation.
Song's Rating - 9/10
Top Of The World
Yet again, about a relationship that seems to have gone wrong. Possibly between two males, (You said / Said that you'd be the girl / To stop me fooling around) and how no matter whats happened between them, or how serious, they want the other to forget about it and stay away, even apologise for whats happened and how the other/self has changed and maybe the lack of communication throughout the whole period of them. Like the other two, all instruments seem to be in harmonise, but no scream singing.
Boo-Hoo. Song Rating 8/10
The Fire
The opening appears to have a rather feirce lead riff from the lead guitar which could indicate a very forceful song full of anger. The lyrics suggest the person hates another and wishes that they could be a fire. Mentioning the other hates them and that they wish the heat could overtake. Rather powerful lyrics too (You will never be me / We watch the flames / Take over our lives). The instruments seem in harmony until there isn't any vocals to appear to calm them. Scream singing in this song too. Very good solo.
Song Rating 6/10
Children Of The Night
Having a child repeating the title of the song seems like a pretty smart idea if you want to make an impact. It seems to say that they prefer the night, as it seems thats when everything is near enough at peace. (This isn't love / This is war / This is the night we swore that we would call our own / We are the children of the night) In it's own way, it's near enough sinister. The guitars provide a aggressive feel, as do the bass and drums. Definitely scream sing. This song nearly put me off the whole band believe it or not. Didn't like it when i heard it.
Song Rating 7.5/10
Said and Done
This is possibly about a fued, and now be careful about what you say. We don't find out until later that the person told them they wanted them dead. (When everything is said and done / we won't be here tomorrow / you made your bed / sleep tight my dear / i hated you for sorrow) The instruments just give off a sense of relaxion and slight tension. No scream sing.
Song Rating 8/10
Silent (When We Speak)
It's like the song writer has finally sat back and realised they're actually upset about the breakup of some sort and wish them to stay and reconsider and hope they'll stay by their side, and all he hears when their meant to be talking is silence. (We're Silent when we speak / The silence is killing me) This is pretty much the only slow ballad like song on the album.
Song Rating 8.5/10
I Love Myself and I Wanna Live
Is actually a parody to the Nirvana song "I Hate Myself And Wanna Die". It's a slightly fast paced punkish style song and it's about how they can't actually imagine themselves without the other, and feel like they actually might die, and now they actually do love themselves. (Those were the days / He's gone and blown them away / I love myself and i wanna live). If i didnt bold it up there, this is actually an interesting song that's quite an enjoyable listen. Scream singing involved.
Song Rating 8/10
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
It's such a typical "TRUE!" No matter how much you get hurt or hurt yourself over yourself, you ALWAYS end up begging for more right at the end! It turns out this woman made up this man who actually turned out real, so she realised she was hurting herself over him. He also says she was that beautiful, she's his rose and thorn. He also considers himself imperfect as he won't actually be here. (I don't care what your thinking / I don't care what your saying / When everything is gone / You'll still be begging for more) The instruments get along so well, it is a typical commercial song against all their songs. Which seems bizzare cause its like a commercial Emo Screamo! BEST YET! Scream singing is a deffo, but it's more background faded.
Song Rating 10/10!
We're Going To Hell... So Bring The Sunblock
Opening riff is so basic but aggressive filled, it generally sounds like an aggressive song, it's mostly scream sing really. It appears the person is just turning around and saying "FUCK YOOOU!" and realises they seemed to flee just in time, that their town was actually under attack. (Never see you again / This is the day of the dead, come and take my hand / I don't believe that this has happened) Yes it is another song I will listen to if it comes on, but I wouldn't deliberately search and find it.
Song Rating 7.5/10
I were listening to this album. But it's been turned off now so meh. xx