Monday, 10 May 2010

"Hello Vyvyan!" "... Oh... Hi Mum"

hahahaa :)
this is kinda all ive done today
sleep, movies and young ones :)
man, i hate being off :(
i feel like shit but i feel so blaady bored!

dude i really wanna make a cake
but i dont think ill be allowed :(:(:(:(

so yerr know what im gunna do...
sweet eff-a
but watch The Young Ones

well.. head hurts :) so i might just sleep again
and no-one actually noticed i was off :P apart from one complete toss hahaa
who woke me up...
so ill be having ago at him tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. bake a cake please an then bring it into college ^^
    I'm sick too!