Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Animal Colours

i swear i have a certain thing with certain animal colours
i mean, theres this colour (i dunno the technical name)

Dun/Buckskin - golden with black mane and tail (depending a strip between the two)

and then theres a bay (brown with black mane and tail)

and the Shar Pei... i dunno, i think their cute too haha

now we know what weird animals/colours i like :) hahha

oh and that cat that Naka was laughing at for nearly falling off the wall! :)


  1. lol oh who's not mentioning about wanting to push the kitty of the wall now :p

    wat colour is frankie again?

  2. i didnt say pushing!
    i said falling
    and hes Chestnut (ginger in nonhorsey terms) :)
    hahahaa but he has two socks, a stocking n a fucked up blaze :) x