Monday, 18 July 2011


why tell me you miss me and ill speak later?
why then when i return my phonecall, you dont answer?
is it because ive had afew pints and cant remember our engagement day?
cause i fucking can!
is it because ive had afew pints and id tell you how i love you and wanna spend the rest of my life with ya?!
cause i fucking would.
your a doyle for not answering
when im tipsy i admit all.
and thats when you dont talk.

love fucking stings.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

October 2010 - July 2011

Well, it's been awhile, alot of thinking has been done between now and october; I think a quick catch-up should be done.

Got sent to Wales by the sponsor company to complete a Outwards Bound course.
Overcame my fear of the sea while on the OB.
Meanwhile realising I have a fear about objects not taking my weight and heights.

Nothing interested really happened. I'm sorry.

Took a temporary break from the boyfriend.
Had a good Christmas with my family... despite throwing up all of Christmas Eve.
Went and celebrated the New Year with my friend and her family, not with my boyfriend or family.

Had returned back to work not feeling refreshed, had a pretty ill month.
Had the question popped, had agreed and recieved a gorgeous ring. :)
Celebrated my birthday at home... Ill... Instead of at work... Throwing up.
Had my first driving lesson. HAHA! Drove home on the first lesson.

Carried on driving lessons.
Celebrated a nice Valentines Day (the first one I actually had someone)
Had a horrible riding accident (Mickey had decided to play rodeo and I bruised the bottom of my back.)

Got broken up with, returned the lovely ring (BIG MISTAKE)
Asked my tutor about a nice blondie at the trainning centre. No reply.
Another tutor overheard me asking, found out his name, that he was single (KERCHING!) and other random facts.
Began to get over my breakup but wondered where it went wrong.

Went on my planned holdays. Did nothing but stay at home relaxing.
Got back with boyfriend, decided not to have my ring back.
Passed my theory test.

Nothing really happened.

Failed my driving test.
Got my results from college: 4 distinctions, 1 merit and 1 pass.

Re-booked my driving test.
Got back into the saddle on two horses. Walked one, walked, trotted and cantered the other.

Enjoyed your catch up? :) xxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Tell Me I'm A Wreck...

Speaking of dreams, I had a pretty crazy one last night. And surprisenly, I remembered it all in the morning! :D!

But throughout the morning, I seemed to have a commentator in my head for no apparent reason, going through my dream again. It went abit like this:

"This relationship started like any others. Texts and calls followed by that one blessed day we offically began dating. And the rest of it was typical, seeing each other as often as we possibly could, being loved up within our own world. Planning a future forgetting there is a chance we'll go our seperate ways. And with everything so perfect, there is of course the interfering ex and the evil bitch who tries to seperate us. But this is where my story goes from typical to bizzare.
This story is mine, and my version is where me and a group of friends worked out this crazy love triangle and managed to win him back. Which, believe me, doesn't look easy.
Fancy knowing my story more? Well, I'll tell you, so don't you worry about that."

Personally, I think it'd make a good movie, but too indetail for it to be a book... hmm don't know what to do.


... I could drive :) xx

Tell Me I'm A Wreck - Every Avenue LISTEN TO IT! :) xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Annnd The Love Kick Starts Again!


two months since I've posted?! WOOP!
Well, life has gotten better since then to be honest.

I've kept my Mr. Blue Eyes :'D
And it's offically my longest relationship of Saturday, 2nd October, 2010 :)
Got a sponsorship with a well known (and praised) company based in the north east
I'm the second girl to be sponsored by CPL (Cleveland Potash Limited)
Down side of it all... I'm the only girl in a group of 11... And I'm missing female company.
But not as much as I expected!!

Lad's banter is really easy to put up with surprisenly.
Like today, we all had a conversation about what we'd do if we were a member of the opposite sex for a day, and who we'd turn gay (or lesbian in my case), the guys said they wouldn't, and seemed surprised I wouldn't even turn for Katy Perry.
I love them fellas :')

Well, all in all, life looks PER-FECT-A-MUNDO! :)
lovess xx

Thursday, 5 August 2010


if everythings so perfect... why does it just feel like words?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

We Made Our Mistakes

eeee, sat watching Remember Me :)
looking forward to tomorrow :)
actually looking forward to tonight

oh man, if live looked perfect in that last post, my god its gotten better! :D

love yassss :D:D xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Just got my sponsorship... YEY :)
spoken to a fair number of people... YEY :)

lifes looking good... YEY! :)