Monday, 4 October 2010

Annnd The Love Kick Starts Again!


two months since I've posted?! WOOP!
Well, life has gotten better since then to be honest.

I've kept my Mr. Blue Eyes :'D
And it's offically my longest relationship of Saturday, 2nd October, 2010 :)
Got a sponsorship with a well known (and praised) company based in the north east
I'm the second girl to be sponsored by CPL (Cleveland Potash Limited)
Down side of it all... I'm the only girl in a group of 11... And I'm missing female company.
But not as much as I expected!!

Lad's banter is really easy to put up with surprisenly.
Like today, we all had a conversation about what we'd do if we were a member of the opposite sex for a day, and who we'd turn gay (or lesbian in my case), the guys said they wouldn't, and seemed surprised I wouldn't even turn for Katy Perry.
I love them fellas :')

Well, all in all, life looks PER-FECT-A-MUNDO! :)
lovess xx

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