Friday, 9 July 2010

And I'm Singing To My Feet Yeaaaaaaah

... yeah im bored
man... two months off, how to kill THIS time?!
ive made a outline of a rat cage... at least
and ive got myself a nice saw mark in my leg :) i swear it actually looks hilarious

and im considering making xmas lights :)
then im going underground next wednesday
and in the meantime, im hopefully gunna go annoy some amigos :)

anywho, this morning, i was gunna be lazy n stay in bed, but i thought of this and ultimately, had to get out of bed n note it down
im hoping to pull in dear friend Naka n several others, n either recording a song (cover or to lyrics wrote by me or other amigos)
or a music vid (again, either a cover or to one we've just recorded)

might be a nice project eh?! :P
comment if yerr wanna join into it
or post again if yerr want more people into it
i think itll be shimmy shimmy funable :)

well, i will be offski to go do what my mother just suggested...
PVA glue... water... ratcage... waterproof
does that woman know not to give me ideas?!

Saturday - Kids In Glass Houses
someone wanna come see these live again with me? :P

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