Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Keep On Rockin' And Rollin'

I'm a rather pathetic excuse for a bassist :P
I'm also an pathetic excuse for an engineer
jesus, i hate using that grinder machine
so i never will

i manage to pull of welding just bout dont i?
So like yeah... im hiding in my room, trying to sort out the vista
lets just say THANK FUCK my laptops an xp!
so anyway, ive had AVG on the vist
then its disk defragment which its still working on
and thats all been since bout oneish

yeah i finished coll early... fuckyooou lmao
but like yeah, i look welly sad
laptop on knee
vista on table infront of me
phone which is like a portable laptop on my bed

yupp yupp... this is the emo-geeks lifeeee
sorting out computers
listening to Marisette
( (8) chasing down the sunsettttt

i gotta admit, i like 'em me... apart from that tainted blood)
but anyway, carrying on with my list,
reflecting on college earlier today
(and tbh... it was rather fucking harsh what was said!)
Wearing a mint scarf thing instead of a tie
my knuckle duster
wondering where my gegs are

yupp... this is life
but cant the fucking computer hurry up!?
i wanna record!

1 comment:

  1. i hate using that grinder machine
    so i never will

    we've never used it
    so your not alone!
    and your a great engineer ^^