Saturday, 4 July 2009

Cinemas = BEAUT!

Well, as all of yous know... I'm still abit of a kid :)
so, guess what i saw?!
omg twas beaut hahaha
twas 3D too :)

haha i gotta say... mint plot

basicly... manny and ellie are expecting an ickle baba WOO :D
and deago (?) is like "ahh nah, kids aint for me" so he goes off
sid starts feeling like "welll.... you dont want me :(" goes off and finds some eggs
so hes like ":D MY KIDSSSSS!"
and eddie and crash are just still beaut :)

anywhoo, sid's "kids" turn out to be baby t-rexs :D
and he gets taken away by the momma t-rex
so all the gang go down under the ice and find the dinosaurs, where they meet buck... a weasel!
so they go all the way to where the t-rex's raise there young
but ellie goes into labour, so buck, eddie and crash go on to save sid
manny is busy fighting off dinosaurs (these guy type ones),
and deago is keeping the other dinosaurs nearier to ellie
and tbh, some of the puns in that part are redic!
but anywhooo,
i think its crash who is like "i promised myself i wouldnt cryyy"
so eddie goes "i didnt, *massive cry* " :D
deago crys too hehehe

but momma t-rex kills this dude buck was living there for
so buck was gunna return to the ice until he heard the cry and was like "HES ALIVEEEE :D"
so he dont return back
but anywhoo,
ellie and manny take their knew baby daughter peaches up to the snow where shes like "woooo!"

but when sid first see's her this is how it goes :
sid : ITS A BOYYY :D
manny : thats the tail

hahaha, i suggest you all go see it hahaha
its all so cute
gets a girlfriend (Y)
and then leaves her
for the fucking nut!

untill next time i have summet to review
feel the need to review the review, i know its shiteeeee



  1. u make everything seem so postive and bright rach XD

    and omg ice age three XD

  2. lmao only when i wanna grace
    only when i wanna