Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dear Reader;

The guy i current like is confusing me
when im happy he seems to smile
when im upset he seems upset also
if i shout or punch a wall (yes i have infront of him :\ ) he seems worried.
i constantly get weird looks off him and his friends
and recently hes been antisocial, moody but has really nice arms oh fuck yes

so i was wondering... are guys complete dicks?! pmsl

I was asked by Naka to write a post on guys
and tbh, some guys can be complete dicks

i mean take my dad for example,
he has several lasses on the go (not naming names)
and he was gunna finish one for one abroad, but she bought him tickets for greenday on his birthday
so hes staying with her
and i know about this
his 15 and 13 year old daughter, know about this

turned round to me today and went "hows the boyfriend?" and figured out we broke up when i told him to fuck right off
so yeah, some men are dicks
some are over protective incase your doing summet similar (to what my dad is)
and usually their all okay

you just get like what? 3 outta 10 being complete dicks.
random statisic sozzard

Naka, hoped if solved your problem, if not give another comment and ill attempt to build up.


  1. lol I love this post ^^

    U rock Rach ^^


  2. haha cause its dedicated to you or what?