Thursday, 7 May 2009

And The Night Ends

And so... The day ends :(
How gutting? Seriously?

Well... I got in from college, I did fuck all but watch Sex And The City
then i started on my Biology, Chemistry with The Young Ones in the background.

After I finished the episode Bambi and my Biology, Jo texts me out to ride her horse Frankie.
Well, in my opinion, Frankie-Fool is a psycho ginger horse. But don't pass judgement (A)

So anyway, I get to the farm, we bring Frankuls in and hack him up, I jump on and change it all for my height and shizz, and OFF TO THE ARENA WE GO!

Only after 5 minutes the fucker took off with me in canter/gallop didn't he?
Hahaha, I'm safe though,
And I've finished my chemistry.

So it's a nice calm night.
Hahaha, :)

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